Introducing Seth Buter: A ChainGuardians Character

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Introducing Seth Buter: A ChainGuardians Character!

Further to our previous revelations, the next character we’re elated to share with you all is Seth Buter: Ethereum’s very own blockchain defender!

As previously indicated, every Guardian character is of Legendary status, however the number one catch of each Guardian will maintain unique and one of a kind artwork. Furthermore, as all Guardian character statistics for each character can vary, the number one catch will also have maximum base power statistics they are able to obtain.

Here is Seth Buter looking god-like, represented in art-work which will be obtainable for catches number two upwards:


Here’s the number 1 catch artwork for Seth:


Further details on our crate sale and how to get hold of Seth will be released nearer the time. Make sure to join our Discord so you don’t miss out on some of our more spontaneous updates!

Kind regards,

The ChainGuardians Team.


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