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Introducing Lolita Lee: A ChainGuardians Character

To celebrate the lead up to the our crate sale, The ChainGuardians Team have decided to begin sharing the...

Sep 21 · 40 sec read >

ChainGuardians to Implement Matic Network Side-Chain Plasma Solutions for Blockchain Gaming

ChainGuardians Partner with Matic Network for Blockchain Gaming.The ChainGuardians Team are delighted to announce a partnership with Matic Network...

Sep 21 · 45 sec read >

ChainGuardians’ Captain Devex Attazer PreSale Ends

The ChainGuardians Team are pleased to announce a close to our Captain Devex Attazer pre-sale series and we’d like to thank...

Sep 16 · 1 min read >

ChainGuardians Partner with Crypto Beasties for Asset Integration in The Global Hash Wars! and Bring Your Own NFT

The #ChainGuardians Team are delighted to announce that we have agreed a partnership with Crypto Beasties to integrate their NFT assets for deployment...

Jul 20 · 44 sec read >

ChainGuardians Game World – Full Video

The ChainGuardians Team WebsiteDiscordTwitterInstagramMediumTelegramYouTube

Jul 19 · 3 sec read >

ChainGuardians Onboard Chainbreakers as Partners for The Global Hash Wars and Bring Your Own NFT

The ChainGuardians Team are delighted to announce that we have agreed a partnership with Chainbreakers in order to integrate...

Jul 17 · 42 sec read >

ChainGuardians Bounty Program

The ChainGuardians Bounty Program is now live! WebsiteDiscordTwitterInstagramMediumTelegramYouTube

Jul 13 · 2 sec read >

ChainGuardians to Introduce NFT Proof-of-Stake Mining Game

Further to the #ChainGuardians announcement informing the community of the start of our presales, which saw the first batch of our...

Jul 8 · 1 min read >

ChainGuardians Game Teaser

The ChainGuardians Team are delighted to present our #ChainGuardians game teaser: WebsiteDiscordTwitterInstagramMediumTelegram

Jul 7 · 6 sec read >

ChainGuardians Assets: Value, Initial Statistics and Circulation

If you are yet to see our presales announcement; please read this link before reading any further to avoid confusion. ChainGuardians’...

Jul 6 · 4 min read >